Optimize Your Technology And Strategy For A Virtual And Hybrid Events-Dominated Future

The pandemic has forever redefined marketing event strategy. COVID-19 forced marketers around the world to quickly pivot to virtual events, and as the pandemic winds down, there’s no returning back to “normal.” Marketers must reevaluate their virtual and hybrid events strategies and technologies to successfully meet customer expectations and achieve customer engagement, marketing, and sales goals. Forrester Research has performed proprietary research to unlock insights regarding the future of marketing events and how organizations can best leverage virtual/hybrid event technology to exceed the performance of their legacy physical events.

In this report, you can learn:

  • Benefits of pursuing a virtual/hybrid event strategy
  • Key initiatives organizations are tackling on the road toward virtual/hybrid
  • Critical barriers organizations must avoid for virtual/hybrid success
  • Most important technology elements of a virtual/hybrid event solution

font: https://www.ama.org/2021/10/01/optimize-your-technology-and-strategy-for-a-virtual-and-hybrid-events-dominated-future/