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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing seeks to improve the commercialization of a product or service through digital media; having an adequate 360º Strategy guarantees the growth of your business; Eight out of ten consumers search and buy products online weekly, which makes digital marketing a fundamental tool for the growth of your company.

What is Neuro Marketing?

Neuromarketing is the implementation of Neuroscience in the field of marketing, it studies the behavior of purchase decision, consumption and stimuli of customers to different products, services or brands. Its application seeks to improve the management of resources destined to sales and advertising of each company, as well as to improve products, characteristics and communication strategies to better satisfy each customer.

What is Growth Hacking?

It is a marketing trend that brings together programming processes and digital marketing strategies, seeks to maximize the growth of a brand in a market with the minimum expenditure of available resources. Growth Hackers must be very analytical and strategic, they examine all the activities that are being carried out, calculate the value of each one and how much audience it is attracting, in order to bring the maximum number of users, registrations or objectives of each business.

What are 360º marketing strategies?

A 360° digital strategy includes different marketing actions that aim to position a company in the digital world in the best possible way, to achieve the objectives of each marketing plan. This set of strategies takes advantage of all digital media available to achieve greater reach and better segmentation to achieve optimal results with a Digital Agency.

What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound Marketing strategies is the combination of advertising techniques and non-intrusive marketing, its purpose is to accompany each user before, during and after each purchase, providing the best service even after the final transaction. It seeks the appropriate support at each stage of the buying process of each customer through valuable content for this, always providing the best care in order to create a bond of loyalty. optimize your results with digital marketing agency

What are the benefits of digital marketing?

Among the most outstanding benefits are the reduction of costs in relation to traditional marketing campaigns, increased sales, customer acquisition and loyalty, the possibility of measuring and analyzing the results of digital strategies, the reach and expansion to international markets as well as the development, growth and positioning of brands. Position your brand with DigiTeamAmerica!

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